Management and marketing software for your Psychology Office

Manage and administer your psychology office and your patients with BEWE in an easy and intuitive way

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Client History

Store all the information of your patients and know the questions they need.
  • Document every detail.
  • Create loyalty ties.
  • It offers a great experience.
  • Customize the attention.

Appointment Schedule

With Bewe Software you can organize the appointments you have scheduled for the day.
  • Plan the sessions.
  • Send reminders to your patients.
  • Manage your psychologists.
  • Write notes for your workday.
  • Block time slots.

Patient Loyalty

Bewe Software helps your patients have a good experience in your office. Make them faithful to your services.
  • Store all patient information.
  • Know what they need.
  • Determine which appointments they attend to the most.

BEWE Commitment

#01 We will never raise
the price, never
#02 Free periodic
#03 You will export
your current tool with total ease